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Visit the Sanctuary of god Pachacamac, believed to be the creator of the universe adored by old andean civilizations. A sacred and ceremonial site, dating back to the beginnings of Christianity, where thousands of pilgrims converged to pay tribute and consult the Pachacamac oracle, who they believed could see the past, the future and fate. The site comprises the Temple of the Sun, the Temple of Pachacamac and the Acllahuasi or Palace of the Virgins of the Sun. 

ANCESTRAL SHRINES Our excursion begins with a panoramic view of the “Pucllana Pyramid” built in IVth century a.D., and considered as a “sacred village” by the Incas.

PACHACAMAC ORACLE We will then have a guided tour through the splendid and vast archeological site of the Pachacamac Oracle, also known as the temple of the deity. The old Andean civilizations believed Pachacamac was the creator of the universe.
The citadel comprises temples, pyramids and palaces, such as the Temple of the Sun, the Temple of Pachacamac, the “Acllahuasi” or Palace of the Virgins of the Sun, amongst others. The whole area was considered holy and part of the mystical axis of the world.

BARRANCO  Our tour includes a visit to the bohemian district of Barranco, where we will see the “Puente de los Suspiros” and delight in some spectacular sights of the Pacific Ocean.




Duration tour: 3 ½ hrs. (approximately)

Departures: From Tuesday to Sunday (Closed on Mondays)

2 Daily Departures : 9:50 am / 2:50 p